Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Post

Well, this is my first post for the Husky Hockey Time Blog. The reason this blog was created is because I am an avid SCSU Husky Hockey fan and I wanted a venue to share my passion. I was a student at St. Cloud State University from 2002-2006. I then moved to Memphis, TN for my wife to attend graduate school. I have recently completed my Master's degree and therefore was looking for a new hobby... this blog will become my new hobby. This blog will contain mostly items related to St. Cloud State hockey and the WCHA; however, I will also be writing about the Minnesota Wild (NHL) and the Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL). I hope you enjoy.


  1. Hi! Welcome to the Interwebs! It's about time someone started a St. Cloud blog. Now don't burn out after two months!

  2. @Running with the dogs- Thanks for visiting the site. I too thought St. Cloud was lacking a good blogging presence. I sure hope I do not burn out as I have seen how much other WCHA bloggers (yourself included) write. I look forward to a great season ahead!

  3. Hope you give the Huskies WCHA opponents some really good press. Especially the DU Pioneers!

    I'm putting you on my check list, so don't disappoint. :-}

  4. Good luck! I'm getting sick of reading the garbage posted on the DU blog. Hopefully you will actually have some orginal material.


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