Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home Opener This Weekend

This weekend the Huskies will play their first home series of the hockey season against the University of New Hampshire. The Huskies have not faced the UNH Wildcats since 2003 when the Huskies were beat 5-2 in the NCAA DI Northeast Regional in Worcester, Mass. The Wildcats are off to a 0-3 start this season. They are definitely a frustrated team right now, and that should not make things any easier for the Huskies this weekend.
"We had a lot of Grade A, quality scoring chances in that last game that we didn't put away. We've made some bad turnovers that have ended up in the back of our net. We've had poor puck management and we're not scoring. I think we're all a little frustrated that we're not scoring any goals. The remedy for that is that we're getting on a plane to travel."  ~ UNH Coach Dick Umile
Coach Bob Motzko warns not take the Wildcats 0-3 slow start for granted.
"They're a perennial, one of the best teams in the country. It's a proud program. I think all of us learned a long time ago that you can't judge a lot by the early going. They outshot Boston College pretty good (40-25 in a 5-1 loss) the other night. I don't know what their ailments are, but nobody's feeling sorry for New Hampshire. There aren't many teams that have as many wins as that program in the last couple dozen years. They're a superb program. I'm looking forward to them coming in to St. Cloud and returning to see them out there in a year." ~ Coach Bob Motzko 

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