Monday, December 6, 2010

Disappointed, but Optomistic

Mike Lee Save
The Huskies suffered their first weekend of getting swept in the 2010-2011 season at the hands of arch-rival the Fighting Sioux. The game was fairly tight Friday night. The Sioux won 3-1 with the lone SCSU goal coming from junior forward Drew LeBlanc. Saturday night was a whole different story. The Sioux won 6-2 with SCSU goals coming from freshman forward Mitch MacMillan and junior forward Travis Novak. Despite the abysmal score, the Huskies really only lost the first period. It was just a REAL bad first period. The Fighting Sioux scored three goals in a three minute span and ended the first period with 5 goals to SCSU's 0. You can read more about the games here:
You can see some video here:

Despite a disappointing weekend (probably the most disappointing thus far this season) I remain optimistic. We are playing no where near good enough right now and well below our capabilities, but I chose to have a positive outlook and know that once our guys can start playing a full 60 minutes, start moving their feet a little more, and gain some confidence this Husky team could still be a real threat.

Go Huskies!

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  1. I'm the biggest die hard husky fan and I have finally realized that this team has no chance this year. There is no desire from these players.

    Hard to believe that Lasch, Raboin, Gaudet had all the talent from last years team because the current team doesn't have any. Might be a jerk for writing this, but it's true.


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