Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Recap and Staying Positive going into the Second Half

The Huskies need to come together to turn this season around
The Huskies were swept by WCHA opponent Colorado College this last weekend at the National Hockey Center. This was the first time the Huskies had been swept in the NHC since December 7-8, 2007 against the University of Denver. Going three years without an opponent able to walk out of our barn with a sweep is an amazing accomplishment in the WCHA and the Huskies should be proud of that record. However, these two additional loses going into Christmas break, and now being halfway through the year, is both upsetting and heartbreaking for the Husky faithful. Read the links below about the games:
Despite the heartbreaking start to the Husky Hockey season, do not give up hope. I have been realistic and critical of the Huskies season thus far (see the "F" I gave the Huskies in the Mid-Season report card) but I have yet to give up on this team and you should not either. In reviewing the Huskies season, bloggers Mick Hatten and Mike Doyle offer you some reasons why to stay positive:

Trying to find a sunny side of the street when it is snowing, below zero and the wind is howling
~Mick Hatten
  • The Huskies played their "...best all-around game for the forwards and defensemen for the Huskies this season in the 5-2 loss to Colorado College. For one thing, the team showed a lot more effort for the majority of the game."
  • On Saturday night, "The Huskies were aggressive, banged people around in the corners, made passes to the front of the net, had people at the front of the net and did a better job of keeping the opposing players wide in their own end and getting into more passing lanes."
  • SCSU's "...penalty kill is at 82.9 percent for the season, which is fifth in the WCHA."
  • "...the Huskies are a plus-4 in special teams net and that's also fifth in the conference."
  • In the first eight games of the second half of the season, "seven games in that stretch are against teams below .500 and there are four home games in this stretch."
  • SCSU is, "but is four points out of eighth place and seven points out of home ice for the first round of the playoffs."
  • In the locker room, "there's still confidence that they're going to turn this thing around."
  • The last time the Huskies were this bad ('95-'96) Matt Cullen and Mark Parrish were on the team. Both went on to great NHL careers.
Open letter to the Huskies: There’s still time to salvage the season
~Mike Doyle
  • "There is still time to salvage the season. It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is."
  • "During the first 10 minutes of Saturday night’s game against Colorado College, you proved, when motivated, that you could be an elite team."
  • "A bounce or two can change the entire outlook of a season."
  • "You cannot let this lack of faith bury your confidence. You can only play for the guys in the locker room wearing the C-St."
  • "Ring in the New Year by playing hard, Husky Hockey. Then, you can forget about the slow start, your confidence will return and the wins will start to pile up."
You see, there are still plenty of reasons to stay positive and remain hopeful for the second-half of the season. Husky Hockey fans please continue to support the team even in their struggles. Remind this team about their loyal and passionate fan base. Your intensity and passion will rub off and the players will feed off of your energy. Take this holiday season off to re-energize and come back ready to cheer on the Huskies to victory.

"...at St. Cloud. Hockey is everything there and the fans were so passionate."
~Husky Hockey player, NHL player, and US Olympian Ryan Malone

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