Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can't Win For Losing...

Former Alternate Captain Chris Hepp
The Husky Hockey team just can not seem to get anything right this season. Coming off the years biggest win (beating Miami/ winning the FCHC tournament) the Huskies face one of their biggest downfalls. The Huskies will be starting 2011 without defensemen Chris Hepp (signed pro contract), Tony Mosey (violated team rules---again!), and freshmen Bryce Johnson (return to juniors). Johnson had only played in 3 games this season, so it is likely his absence will not hurt the team. However, Hepp was an alternate captain and was a veteran for the team on the blueline and Mosey one of our top scorers last year and scored the game-winning goal in the second OT of SCSU’s first NCAA tournament win last year. There absence is likely to be felt. Additionally, these departures are surrounded by rumors and allegations of improper conduct involving drinking. It is also rumored (unconfirmed) that David Eddy, who had just returned to the SCSU line-up after sitting out for academic probation, may also be suspended for 2-4 games. The Internet and blog sites have been buzzing the last 24 hours about this. Below is a collection of websites to read more about the situation:
I am extremely disheartened with the conduct of these players if these allegations are true (some likely are-Mosey dismissal because of team rule violation).  I struggle to understand why players do not take an opportunity like playing D1 hockey for a program like St. Cloud State more seriously. It will be interesting to see how the team reacts to adversity like this. I could see it making them self-destruct (even more than they already have) or they could rally around one another and really do something great. I hope it is the latter.

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