Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Today I read over at the "Up North Sports Resort" blog about the Bemidji State Beavers and where they find themselves in the second-half of the always competitive WCHA hockey season. Reading this blog post (Bemidji State men’s hockey team returns home this week on a roll), I couldn't help but to notice the similarities between the BSU and SCSU hockey teams. Take a look:
"The Bemidji State men’s hockey team is coming home this weekend on a roll and are unbeaten in five of the last six games."
While the Huskies have won four of their last six, they have won their last four straight and most would consider them "on a roll" (although it be a small one right now).
"The Beavers are 7-3-1 over the last 11 games and 4-1-1 since the start of the second half. That record is a complete turnaround from the first 11 games where the Beavers were 2-8-1."
While the Huskies "turnaround" has yet to be proven as dramatic, the second half has already shown to be much better for the Huskies than the first half. (The last 4 game before Christmas the Huskies were 0-4, the first four games after Christmas the Huskies are 4-0). If the Huskies can continue to do well, their turnaround has the potential to be one of the best turnarounds in Husky Hockey history (granted a lot of games need to be played- and won-before that can be determined).
"The biggest change was breaking up the then top line of Ian Lowe, Matt Read and Jordan George, which played together as BSU’s top line through the previous season."
Husky fans have been used to changing lineups. (Some has been very intentional, some has been a necessity as players "have left the program"). However, some of our lines have begun to become more solidified and some team chemistry has resulted.  The top two forward lines (Hanowski-Roe-Reid and Festler-LeBlanc-Dowd) have looked great recently. 

St. Cloud State will play Bemidji at the new Sanford Center Friday (1/21) at 7:37 p.m. and Saturday (1/22) at  7:07 p.m. The games are very important as both teams work towards getting a home-ice for the playoffs. Additionally, the Huskies will look to get sweeps against Bemidji this weekend and Mankato next weekend before playing top teams (UNO, UMD, UND, UW, and DU) to finish the season. The Huskies have a very tough road ahead of them and they need to start playing some great Husky hockey here.

Go Huskies!

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