Friday, January 7, 2011

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Nic Dowd named Tournament MVP
If you are a Husky Hockey fan you may be feeling a bit like the famous Charles Dickens novel "A Tale of Two Cities". Going into Christmas break, the Huskies had lost 4 straight and in doing so were swept twice by WCHA opponents. The future looked bleak and there was much mourning over what had once promised to be one of the best years yet. Then (in what was penned as a Christmas Miracle) bringing hope to Husky fans everywhere, SCSU beat both Cornell and Miami (FINALLY!) in route to winning the Florida College Hockey Classic Tournament. The season finally had hope and the team looked to have turned a corner. To add to this excitement, two former St. Cloud State hockey players were getting some prominent air time on HBO's Road to the Winter Classic series as members of the Washington Capitals. There was a lot to be proud of as Husky Hockey fans. Then in a flash, that pride turned to embarrassment as the Huskies lost 3 players and rumors of off-ice misconduct during the Florida tournament buzzed around the Internet. The Huskies looked to be beaten down again. However, a surprise incident brought some amount of pride back to the Huskies when Husky recruit Andrew Proncho gained national attention when he split a hockey puck in two while playing with the Sioux Falls Stampede. If you are anything like me, you probably feel like you have been on a roller coaster of emotion the past feel weeks. The next turn for the Huskies will be a big one. Which brings me to this weekend when the SCSU Huskies will face the MTU Huskies. Michigan Tech has not won a game at the National Hockey Center in over 14 years (only UAA has a longer streak, having lost every game at the NHC for over 20 years). The Huskies will look to keep that streak alive this weekend and get its first WCHA sweep of the year. Furthermore, MTU has not won a game since mid-October. This is a must win/ must sweep for the Huskies. Anything else would be considered another major blow to this program.

Keys to the Game:
Lines for tonight:

LW                             C                                  RW
23-Cam Reid            9-Garrett Roe                  10-Ben Hanowski

11-Jared Festler       19-Drew LeBlanc              26-Nic Dowd

13-Jordy Christian     17-Aaron Marvin             12-Travis Novak

28-Mitch MacMillan    16-Nick Oslund               21-Brian Volpei

D                                  D
25-Oliver Lauridsen        4-Taylor Johnson

7-Kevin Gravel              6-Brett Barta

3-Sam Zabkowicz          14-Nick Jensen

Goalie -- Mike Lee. This will be Lee's third straight start.

Nic Dowd's Great Week:


  1. SCSU will sweep MTU. The SCSU faithful need more faith. While I'm a Mavs fan, I do follow SCSU closely....and I think losing Hepp and Mosey is nothing really. Sometimes getting rid of the problem children only make a team stronger. Hepp was a selfish player who spent too much time in the box and most of the time Mosey has a slow lazy ass. I don't know how many times my friend (who's a SCSU fan) and myself would say "Mosey, unhook the damn plow!"

    So really, no loss to the program in my opinion. I think SCSU will bounce back and have a good 2nd half. I have faith in Motz, he's a good coach.

  2. Thanks for the nice words. I too think the Huskies can have a much better second half and they have already started to show improvement. Losing Hepp and Mosey could be a blessing in disguise for this hockey program.

    I also like to follow the Mavs (my sister graduated from Mankato). Best of luck to you and your team for the remainder of the season!

  3. Can't agree more with Mavs fan, Hepp was cancer to this team, I never seen a player get so many penalties for stupid stuff. He was a waste of space on the ice.... Mosey was good in 1 game, the NCAA game last year. No lost with these guys....

  4. More ice time for Zabkowicz which is what I have been calling for all season. I like the way he skates and brings some offensive upside to the table.

  5. I like Zabkowicz too. However, I am biased about any player from my hometown Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL) team.


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