Thursday, February 10, 2011

I've Gotta Feeling...

Mike Lee had a great 81 saves last weekend and is the CIC Player of the Week
According to Coach Bob Motzko if you are a Husky coach, player, or fan the feeling you've got is frustration. The Huskies lost twice this last weekend to the University of Nebraska-Omaha. On Friday night, the Mavs got 3 goals in about 2 minutes (literally 101 seconds) during the second period.  Other than those 101 seconds, the Huskies played a pretty good game that ended 3-0. On Saturday night, it was the Huskies who tallied 3 goals in one period, getting 3 goals in the first period. However, the Mavs fought their way back to earn the win 4-3. The Center Ice Club Twitter page "twitted" it best saying:
"4 goal comeback by UNO ices Huskies 4-3 in Omaha. Very, very frustrating loss for SCSU. 55-25 SOG UNO. This was a killer folks."
Here are your weekend re-cap links:
This weekend the Huskies will go up to Duluth to face the Bulldogs in the brand new Amsoil Arena. UMD has been red hot this season and the Huskies will need to have some phenomenal play to get the sweep we so desperately need.

Here is what Goon's World had to say about this weekends match up:
"Last weekend the Huskies were swept by the UNO Mavericks in Omaha and the Bulldogs got 3-points against the Gophers in Duluth.

The Bulldogs are slowly breaking in their new Amsoil Arena, they are 2-2-1 in their new home and are 9-3-1 overall at home this season. The Huskies are 4-6-0 overall away from the National Hockey Center in St. Cloud (3-1-0 at neutral sites). The Huskies need help if they want to host a first round playoff game, which is a long shot when looking at the schedule they face. SCSU had high hopes to start the season, and most coaches and the media thought that SCSU would be a MacNaughton Cup contender this season. Now they can play spoiler role. By getting some points over the last month they can try and avoid a bottom 3 finish and avoid playing the “big boys” in the first round. The Bulldogs will get home, barring some type of historic meltdown. UMD is a puck possession team, so if SCSU wants to win, they need to play keep-away with the Bulldogs. UMD’s weakness appears to be their defensive zone coverage, followed by their net minders. The Huskies need to exploit these aspects if they want some points. SPLIT."
Some good insight here as to what the Huskies will need to do in order to get some points this weekend.

Other Notes:
"It felt like Matt Cullen was out there for 60 minutes tonight. He set up two goals for his second two-helper game of the season, and his eighth and nine points in the last eight games. All night, he was hitting his teammates with passes right on the tape. He couldn’t miss, and that was huge on Madden’s game-winner. Cullen danced in the offensive zone and then put a dart onto the stick. 
He could have had one of his own on a third period power play. A tipped shot was kicked to the side of the cage. Cullen, showing no signs of being hampered by the lower body injury that sidelined him for a game, raced to the puck and fired a shot off the post. 
He didn’t score, but he did provide a huge boost to the lineup, which certainly missed him in Phoenix." 
Well, I think that is it for now. I will be away from my computer for the next couple days. I will be back next week with recaps from the SCSU vs. UMD games.


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