Friday, March 4, 2011

St. Cloud State vs. Denver. Go Huskies!

SCSU and DU will fight it out this weekend in the last regular season match-up
This weekend will be the last regular season games of the 2010-2011 season. The Huskies will be playing against the University of Denver. Despite being the number two team in the conference right now the Denver have gone an unimpressive 2-2 in the last four games against UNO and MTU (yes I said MTU). There is a lot riding on this weekends games. If DU sweeps SCSU and MTU sweeps UND (highly unlikely) DU could possibly be co-champions of the MacNaughton Cup for regular-season champions. Conversely, with a sweep at Denver and the right circumstances (Colorado College and Wisconsin split, or, if either of those two sweep, then Minnesota lose twice at Bemidji) St. Cloud could get one of the final home-ice playoff spots. So this is a big game for both clubs.

Theresa: "Another time two teams meet for the first time all season! SCSU has been fairly inconsistent all season (and highly frustrating for Husky fans), but has played arguably some of their best hockey in the last few weeks. The Pioneers, on the other hand, may quite possibly be falling apart — splits in their last four weekends. Plus, it’s never good when your coach still says there are things to really work on this late in the season. Is it possible Denver peaked too early (again)? All shall be revealed soon enough, of course. As for this weekend, I think a split is probably the most likely result, given both teams right now. SCSU Friday, DU Saturday."
 Tyler: "Denver is up and down just like it was at the end of the regular season last year and SCSU has caught the Pioneers at the right time. The Huskies are playing their best hockey since the holidays, scoring like they should be and have proven they’re able to skate with any team in any arena. SCSU desperately needed a leader when one of its assistant captains was dismissed/left the team and Drew LeBlanc has been that guy. The junior has 18 points in the 14 games since the New Year. Split."

Goal Gophers
Roman: "Pios were only 4-4 in Feb., maybe they are saving their strength for the playoffs. Spilt with Michigan Tech (really) and UNO past two weekend. DU has wins over 10 WCHA opponents, SCSU could become 11. DU has split with SCSU on its last four visits to the Mile High City. The Huskies are coming off a dominating sweep of Wisconsin. Garrett Roe is one of SCSU's hottest players with five goals and six assists last month... Split"
Goon's World
"Last weekend the Huskies swept the UW Badgers in St. Cloud and the Pioneers split with the UNO Mavericks in Omaha.

The Huskies have been mushing their way up standings in 2011. Unfortunately their horrible first half has them sunk into a bottom half finish. They Huskies are heating up at the right time of the year and are not a team people want to see in the first round of the playoffs. The Pioneers have stumbled a bit, but are back home at Magness Arena where they are an impressive 13-3-2 overall this season. The Huskies are 5-6-1 this season away from the National Hockey Center. (They are going to update/renovate the NHC using $31M to do so, I can’t wait to see a new upgraded NHC.) The Pioneers are just about a shoe-in for the NCAA tourney, and the Huskies still have a chance too. DU has talent and is at home, so I don’t think they’ll get swept, but do they have the instinct to finish off teams? SPLIT"

"The Huskies are one of the hottest teams in the league right now, but Denver is a pretty good team, too. Home-ice advantage and senior night will probably play into this, but the Huskies are fighting for that final home-ice spot in the playoffs, so desperation by the Huskies could come into play here. I think the Huskies will give a great effort, but things just won't line up for them.
Split. Huskies win Friday 3-2, Denver wins Saturday 4-2"
Looks like all the "cool kids" are picking a split for this weekend. As I did last weekend (which turned out GREAT) I am going to pick a St. Cloud State Sweep. The Huskies are hungry and looking to play. 

Lines: (from SC Times)

Hanowski- Roe- Eddy
Thorson- Marvin- Novak
Festler- LeBlanc- Reid
MacMillian- Christian- Oslund

Lauridsen- Jensen
Gravel- Johnson
Zabkowicz- Barta


*Nic Dowd will likely miss his first game of the season. He should be able to return no later than the first round of WCHA playoffs.

WCHA Playoffs

Speaking of the first round of the WCHA playoffs, both the WCHA Blog and Goal Gophers have prognosticated that St. Cloud will be playing at the University of Minnesota for the first round. Although, this will bring a great rivalry and be particularily entertaining, much like the Huskies the Gophers have been playing well as of late. Also, the Huskies have never won a WCHA playoff game at Mariucci.

Other Important Links:
From The Other Side:
*Here are some posts from the popular DU blog, "Lets Go DU"
  • Here you can see DU fans recognizing the national (actually international) celebrity status and notoriety of the National Hockey Center in the popular TempurPedic ad.
  • Apparently DU has troubles with fan support so Coach Gwozdecky has ordered more. Not sure why a team that is ranked number 2 in the WCHA would have problems with fan support?
  • The Charlie Sheen craziness has hit Denver.
  • Finally, a "code red" has been issued at Magness Arena. The video was so well done that I had to include it on my blog. Good job to whoever did this video!

Well there you have it folks. It is sure to be a fun and exciting weekend as the regular season comes to its conclusion. I look forward to sharing the good details of the Huskies success against Denver and our top 6 finish in the league with you on Monday.


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