Monday, November 8, 2010

Consistently Inconsistent

Freshmen Nick Jensen's Goal!
The Huskies continue with their theme for the year (inconsistency) with a great win over the Bemidji Beavers on Friday night and an OT loss to the Beavers on Saturday. This means that Bemidji received its first ever WCHA win by beating St. Cloud State (not a record that the Huskies should be too proud of). Bemidji player Ian Lowe scored 46 seconds into overtime to give the Beavers a 3-2 win over the Huskies. Nick Jensen and Aaron Marvin were the lone goal scores for the Huskies in this game (two players that have been doing very well early in the season) and Dan Dunn is the goalie of record for this loss. Coach Motzko had this to say after the game:
"It was a hard, tough, defensive game, but I'm happy with our guys. We just happened to be the one making the one mistake."
Now I usually do not go against the coach (I realize he knows a heck of a lot more about hockey then I ever will) but it is hard to hear him saying he is "happy with our guys" after a loss to Bemidji. It seems the Huskies have been "the one making the one mistake" a little too frequently thus far this year and I sure hope they can turn it around soon.  With that being said, I do remember that SCSU had a rough start and a steady decline in the rankings early last year and ended up at #5 so I hope they are planning another turn around. You can read more about the game below:

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