Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Notes- Splitsville Continues

Travis Novak with Husky Hockey fan
First off, let me say that Travis Novak seems to be doing well. He was hit from behind and his head went into the boards during the second period of the Saturday night game at UAA. Novak was laying out on the ice for 25 minutes before an ambulance showed up to help. When they did arrive, Novak was placed on a backboard, strapped to a gurney, and taken to the Providence Alaska Medical Center. Coach Motzko reportedly said that Novak did not suffer serious injury and had been medically cleared to fly home with the team on its scheduled flight. With the recent head-injuries in the WCHA, this was a very scary incident for Novak, the Huskies, and their supporters. You can read more about it here. I will let you know more about this as I learn more. My thoughts and prayers are with Novak and his family and friends. I hope his recovery is as speedy as his ice skating abilities.

Next, let me say thank you to the UAA team, staff, and fans for their support. From what I have read, the UAA team, staff, and fans were standing, clapping, and supportive of Novak. Also, all that I have read from UAA fan blogs have been positive statements and well wishes. Thank you for that. Thank you.

For this weekend's recaps:

Quick Thoughts:

Top tier teams need to sweep bottom tier teams. Period. The Huskies did not play well enough this weekend. Yes, we were one goal, one mistake, from sweeping UAA but that does not excuse the play that was seen this weekend. To say the team has been inconsistent this year is an understatement. We need to find that consistency and soon. I had every hope and reasonable expectations that our road to recovery was going to begin this weekend against UAA. Obviously that did not happen. Some key quotes demonstrating this frustration:
"We're just not a very good hockey team right now. We can point at a number of things, but we don't have a lot of confidence. We're going to have dig down." ~Coach Motzko
"The frustration level is really high right now." ~freshman forward Cam Reid
The St. Cloud vs. North Dakota series is one that has been getting more and more exciting each year. Right now, if the University of Minnesota were to leave to a Big 10 Conference, I would bet that UND would become the new biggest rival to St. Cloud State. With that being said, I hope that when we get back from Thanksgiving break that the team brings some more enthusiasm, fire, and confidence to their game. I will still attest that SCSU has an awesome team and are capable of doing awesome things. We just need to get everyone on the same page and begin working for a full 60 minutes, two games in a row.

Quick Alum Note:
Speaking of inconsistency, Husky alum (and Sioux Falls Stampede alum) Andreas Nodl has been inconsistent for most of his still young NHL career with the Philadelphia Flyers. Nodl basically split his time between the Philadelphia AHL and NHL teams his first year as a pro in 2008-2009. He then went on to spend a majority of his time during the 2009-2010 with the AHL team (most notably Nodl came in to help the Flyers last year when Ian Lapperriere was injured during the Stanley Cup finals). However, this year Coach Peter Laviolette has given Nodl the chance to shine. Andreas Nodl has scored five goals in 12 games with the Flyers. Has been not only proficient on the penalty kill, but on pace to score at least 20 goals. And Nodl was recently awarded First Star in one of the team’s most important wins this season. What has been the difference?
"I feel a lot more confident. Coach has played me in a lot of situations, and the more games I get in, the more comfortable I feel. And it seems like when you feel more comfortable, you get better each game." ~Andreas Nodl
"I think he is playing with a lot more confidence. He’s been physical, he’s been strong on the puck, and he’s chipped in on offense. He’s been a reliable player that’s putting up some points." ~ Coach Peter Laviolette
"He’s an extremely talented player. I think that’s overlooked, with the ice time that he gets. But he sees the ice really well, and he’s a great passer. He works really hard. If you have those kinds of attributes, I think it makes for a dangerous player." ~Captain Mike Richards
To top that off, Andreas Nodl's latest goal is in the (early) running for goal of the year. Check out this spin-o-rama that was also the game winning goal against Ovi and the Capitals.

The Huskies could learn a little bit about playing with confidence from this former player.

Go Huskies!

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