Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Review- The Roller Coaster Continues

Hey Husky Hockey Fans! This weekend Husky fans were treated to more of the same. A great Husky hockey win and a loss that should/ could have been a win. The boys lost to Quinnipiac Friday night at the National Hockey Center with the Bobcats scoring three goals in the last 10:46 to beat the Huskies. The Huskies, leading 2-1 going into the third at home, needed to find a way to finish the game strong. You can read more about the game at the sites below:
Saturday night the Huskies played much better beating the Bobcats to the tune of 5-2 victory. The score was tied 2-2 going into the third period; however, the Huskies learned their lesson from the previous night and came out strong in the 3rd and scored 3 unanswered goals.  Huskies coach Bob Motzko said it best, “We were better as the game wore on”, which is exactly what winning teams are able to do. The lineup change that shocked me the most was Motzko pulling out Ben Hanowski. Hanowski was the Center Ice Club player of the week back around Oct. 12 after having some success during the first week of play. Hopefully, a move like this by the coaching staff will have all Huskies playing hard to make sure they are not the next to be pulled from the lineup. You can read more about the game at the sites below:
Not to sound like a broken record, but the Huskies need to start competing and playing harder. Right now, the Huskies are not a top 5 team (not even a top 10 team) even though they have all the potential to be. This is the time to start building some consistency, something that has been woefully lacking so far this year:
  • Manitoba- Win
  • RIT- Win
  • Clarkson- Loss
  • Miami- Loss
  • Miami- Tie
  • UofM- Win
  • UofM- Loss
  • Quinnipiac- Loss
  • Quinnipiac- Win
This roller coaster cycle of wins and losses that SCSU has been on is ridiculous. Whether you call it a roller coaster or, like Coach Motzko calls it, "...a yo-yo thing going on here" it is doing some serious damage in the rankings. St. Cloud has gone from #4 to #10 to #14 to #17. I, for one, am a little afraid to see what this weeks polls will bring. All that being said, it is still early in the season, but when do we stop using that as an excuse to the poor play going on?

On the lighter side, here is a couple of videos from the weekend. Enjoy!


  1. The offense has been bad this year. They seem to have a hard time clicking on passes, power plays and in the defensive zone. What's new about this year's team compared to last year's team. Sure Lasch is gone, but there is still alot of scoring threats on this team... Hmmmm, could it be the new offensive coach... hmmmm. Could it?? hmmm.....

  2. Yeah, I started to have some serious concerns about Steve Johnson as well. The guy comes in with a great record/ resume (other than being a UND grad...just kidding, he was a great player) but then shows up at St. Cloud with a highly talented team and nothing he seems to be doing is working. Because of his past success and because he is still new to the team, I will continue to give him a little bit of leeway, but now that we are a month into the season and will now be playing WCHA teams every weekend, we are out of time for excuses. Let's hope this weekend Johnson and the rest of the team will start performing the way we know this St. Cloud team can.


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