Friday, October 29, 2010

Husky Hockey Weekend Predictions

Here is what a sampling of people around the hockey community are saying about this weekend's St. Cloud State games against Quinnipiac: WCHA Picks
Theresa: "This weekend is the perfect opportunity for the Huskies to finally find their groove ... and I think they will. SCSU sweep."
Tyler: "After the annual slow start to the season, a visit from an ECAC team is perfect opportunity for the Huskies to get rolling and reverse the slide in the polls. SCSU sweep." ECAC Picks

"SCSU’s biggest boasts so far are a split at Minnesota and a 1–1 draw at home against Miami. At 2–3–1, the Huskies are counting on a six-game homestand to boost them back into the black. QU split a pair in Hamden with Ohio State to open the year, then edged little-sisters Bentley and Holy Cross to advance to 3–1–0. St. Cloud is a whole ‘nother animal for these greenhorn Bobcats, and I’m not sure they’re ready for this kind of challenge yet. 4–3 Huskies in Game 1..."
MD: "Considering Quinnipiac against St. Cloud is like comparing a Mac against a PC. A Mac is good at everything, great at nothing, where a PC has moments of greatness and followed by a lot of blue screens and tears. But worth reiterating, the Bobcats lose to the cumbersome Huskies in what should be the least cared about match until well, tomorrow. 3–1 St. Cloud".
Bloggers Note: While I agree that comparing St. Cloud to a Mac computer is a decent analogy, I disagree with his reasoning. I used PC's growing up and all through college and have now been using a Mac for the last 4 years and I would have to say that a Mac is great at everything you just need to give it a try (like St. Cloud State Hockey!)

 MS: "St. Cloud lost an uninspired game to the Gophers last Sunday and are out to prove they are a top ten team in the opener. St. Cloud."
This is the WCHA...

"The Huskies aren't where they need to be yet but their goaltenders finally showed up last weekend. This will be the weekend it all comes together. ST. CLOUD STATE SWEEP"
Goal Gophers

"Love saying the word Quinnipiac. It is the English name for the Eansketambawg, a Native American nation which inhabited a region in New England, including present-day Connecticut.  Bobcats are 3-1 and played SCSU tough last season before losing 3-1, 3-2 in Hamden, Conn., but ... SCSU sweeps"
Goons World

"SCSU looked good on Friday against the Gophers, but then again, most teams have looked good against the Gophers this season (I couldn’t resist a little Gopher bashing). Sunday the Huskies looked a little flat, like they were happy knowing they had already gotten a split on the road, and the Gophers played better too, which also factored into the game. I have to go with our beloved WCHA conference in this series. Huskies Sweep."
Okay, so point of the story, anyone who is anyone is predicting St. Cloud State to sweep this weekend. The Huskies should not have any problem taking all the points this weekend from Quinnipiac. That being said, the Huskies have underperformed thus far this season. On the positive side, they seem to be improving (almost) with every game. I happen to agree with what many of these bloggers said about this being the weekend that things finally start to come together for this Husky Hockey team and start to show why they are a top ten team in the nation. Because the competition is relatively low, I am not expecting a couple of wins this weekend to help SCSU dramatically in the polls. However, if we can take a couple of wins this weekend and take it into the next couple weekends at home against Bemidji and Omaha we can start to really reverse our digression in the national polls.

Lets have a great weekend and GO HUSKIES!

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