Friday, October 22, 2010

Prediction for this weekend

I am not much on predictions. Mostly because they are frequently wrong (especially in a highly competitive league like the WCHA). However, I do find it interesting to read them each week. (Well, specifically how people are predicting SCSU will do). So far, I have read three predictions for this weekend on the SCSU vs. UofM. The three have been all different:
  • Goal Gophers- Gopher Sweep- Highly improbable (at best).
  • Sioux7 via Goon's World- Split- Possible, not probable. Barriball will need to continue his hot streak and Kangas will need a great game. (Side note: both Barriball and Kangas are Sioux Falls Stampede Alumni)
  • This is the WCHA...- Husky Sweep- Most likely. Go Huskies! is supposed to come out with their predictions later today. I will post that if I have time. To break this 3-way tie, my vote is Husky Sweep. Also the Husky Hockey Time readers vote (at the time that I wrote this) was 75% said Husky Sweep, 25% said some other combination involving ties. For those of you keeping track, that is 3 sources for Husky Sweep, 1 source for Split, and 1 source for Gopher Sweep. Go Huskies!

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