Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SCSU #6 in INCH Great 58

Inside College Hockey recently released it's ratings of all 58 teams in Division I hockey. In this rating, St. Cloud State was listed as the 6th best Division I hockey program in the country. Below is the ranking of the WCHA teams:

1. UND
5. UMD
11. DU
18. UMN
19. UW
21. CC
25. UNO
29. BSU
39. MSU
46. UAA
53. MTU

In my own opinion, I believe SCSU deserves to be ahead of UMD and I would also place UW ahead of UMN. However, now that the regular season will begin soon, we can start having more accurate polls and rankings in the near future.

Mick Hatten over at the St. Cloud Times has posted some additional material about last Saturday's game that you can read about. This blog is worth reading for several of the quotes he got from Coach Motzko and the players. Some of the quotes I found most noteworthy include:
"The only negative is that we got too cute tonight. When we got too cute, it led to turnovers and it had an impact. When you play old-fashioned, protect-the-puck hockey, we're a pretty good team. We established that in the early part of the third (period)." ~Coach Motzko
"Skill- and talent-wise, at times, we showed what we have. Then there was the ugly head of the turnovers ... and we had a lot of them." ~Coach Motzko
 For those of you who may have been worried about Dunn's performance (allowed 3 of the 4 goals in):
"Dan got hung out to dry on special teams. We gave up a breakaway and two power-play goals. So it's hard to evaluate that." ~Coach Motzko
What about those freshmen?
"I heard a couple of them say on the bench that it was faster than they thought it would be. You get used to it. They'll be fine. They're all skilled players."

"I think all of them played well and all of them have the capability to make plays. Our depth, hopefully, is going to be  our key this year. If that's going to be the case, we're going to need them all."
~Drew LeBlanc (scored two goals in the game)
For some more information about the returning members of the team, the new recruits, our previous game, and the games coming up this weekend in Omaha please go to the Center Ice Club website where you can hear yesterday's "Bob Motzko Show".

Also, check out some great photos of game 1 here.

Hobey Watch:
This is coming to you a little late, but senior alternate captain Garrett Roe has already been named by USCHO.com as one of the early contenders for the Hobey Baker Award. Roe has been one of the top 25 scorers in the nation all three years at St. Cloud State. He has never scored less than 45 points in his 3 years with SCSU and it is reasonable to believe that he will score at least 42 points this season to become SCSU's all time leading point producer. Roe was also previously listed by Inside College Hockey as one of the players to watch in the 2010-2011 season. Roe has already started this season hot with a goal and two assists in the first game of the year.

Matt Cullen:
A couple of good reads coming from the St. Cloud Times today about Husky alum Matt Cullen:

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