Friday, October 1, 2010

Are you ready for game time?

Team Photo: Class of 2010-2011

Husky Hockey will begin its preseason play tomorrow night against the University of Manitoba at 7:07 PM at the National Hockey Center. In a previous blog I wrote about three reasons why I was excited about this addition to our preseason lineup. The reasons are as followed:
  1. Additional game, additional practice, additional chance to see SCSU hockey
  2. Earlier start to the season (not every WCHA team will be playing this weekend)
  3. UND will be playing Manitoba on Sunday night
I consider the fact that UND will be playing the University of Manitoba the night after we play them as an EARLY measuring stick of how the top two teams in the WCHA stand up against each other. Now don't get me wrong here, comparing these two games is ONLY a measuring stick. I fully realize and accept (as you probably should too) that assessing these two games is only a comparison of sorts and should not be used as any sort of declaration of fact (i.e. if SCSU won 6-2 Sat. and UND won 5-4 Sun. that does not mean that SCSU is the best team). Furthermore, keep in mind that these are preseason games and the coaches (and players) will still be working things out. With that being said, I think it will be interesting to see how each team does against the same opponent early in the season.

For a great look into the entire season please check out The Hockey Hair All's "Husky hockey season preview".

Also, to get you in the mood for Husky Hockey, check out the Center Ice Clubs 2010-11 "Huskies Have Talent, Experience and Depth to Succeed". The article address how SCSU's coaching staff, goalies, defensemen, and forwards each have enough to be successful this season.

In Other News...

Despite a rough (to say it nicely) preseason for the Minnesota Wild, there has been at least one bright spot... SCSU alum Matt Cullen. According to the Star Tribune:
"The chemistry developing between center Cullen and winger Martin Havlat is one of the positives to come out of training camp. The two, paired for a third time Thursday night, have quickly meshed."
You can read more about Cullen and playing for the "hometown team" in a new article title "The Pressure Cooker Of...Minnesota" over at

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