Monday, October 11, 2010

First Major Upset of 2010-2011 Season

Well, SCSU has now gotten that first loss out of the way. On Saturday night, playing against a very hungry team, the Huskies were beat by Clarkson 6-2. Clarkson being the same team (so to speak) that was slaughtered the night before when UNO beat them 8-0. Despite both teams being scoreless during the first period, Clarkson came out during the second by scoring 4 unanswered goals. Those goals presented a hill that was too high for the Huskies to climb. This weekend leaves me with the following questions:
  • Dan Dunn allowed the most goals since the season began, does this mean that Mike Lee will have a shot as "top" goaltender?
  • With SCSU's deep and talented offense, what needs to happen for our power play to start hitting the back of the net?
  • What is our defense doing wrong and what can make them stronger?
If you want to read about the games, please visit the following sites:
The Huskies are now 1-1-0 in the season and will have to play MUCH better this weekend when we face #3 Miami at the National Hockey Center. Hopefully, this last weekend's poor performance will inspire the Huskies to play with more intensity than displayed at either last Fridays or last Saturdays games.


  1. Was at both games this weekend and the offense was terrible. If they plan on being in the top 3rd of WCHA, they need to figure out how to score. Very sloppy passes, players out of postion and so on... The power play was non-existant. It looks like they miss Lasch. Very disappointing and alarming.. Granted its the first weekend, but makes you scratch your head.

    I felt that the Clarkson game had no meaning to them. They looked un-interested for most of the game. Took foolish penalties... Dunn has not been on at all this year... Why didn't Marvin play?

    On the good side, Lee looks better and might need to handle the load this year...

    This weekend will tell us if they are a top 10 team this year...

  2. @ Anonymous- On one hand I am jealous that you got to see the Huskies play, but on the other hand I had to stop watching the live game stats when the score reach 4-0 so I might not have been able to take it if I was actually at the game.

    I read somewhere that Marvin was hurt in the first game against Manitoba and has not really fully recovered from it yet. KVSC twitter page reported today that Marvin was not on the ice for practice. Hope he gets better soon.

    Dunn has not hit his stride yet this year. I am hoping that Motzko starts Lee again on Friday against Miami and if he wins, that he would play Lee again on Saturday. That could be a confidence booster for Lee and maybe a wake-up call for Dunn.

    This weekend will definitely be the time to make a statement about our competitive level this year. Hopefully we send the right message.


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