Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NHC Renovations on Track

The University Chronicle (the St. Cloud State Newspaper) recently wrote an article titled, "Change is coming to the National Hockey Center". The article talks about the upcoming renovations to the NHC that has served as the Huskies home arena for over the last 20 years. The acting director of SCSU building and grounds, said that construction to the National Hockey Center will begin after this current hockey season and involve the structural expansion. The main expansion of the building will be on the south side and will include a four story atrium, new weight room, new ticket booths and a Husky pro-shop. The renovations to the west side include expanded seating to create the horseshoe and luxury suites. The arena will have added about 200-300 seats for a total of about 6,000 people for hockey. The arena’s size will increase from 152,000 square feet to 256,000 square feet. The second phase of construction, beginning after next season, will involve bricklaying, placing glass, and adding the final touches. Some of those final touches include upgraded restrooms, concessions, concourse and sound system. The arena will also undergo branding, which is decorating using the team logo, pictures and a variety of team memorabilia. The renovations are expected to cost $29 million and should be complete by the start of the 2012-13 hockey season. You can read an earlier post of mine about the construction here and watch both this photo slide show and YouTube video about the expansion:

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