Monday, October 18, 2010

Dan Dunn Stuns Allowing Only One

The Huskies came back from a very disappointing game Friday to tie 1-1 against the #4 Miami Redhawks. Senior goaltender Dan Dunn allowed four of the six goals in during the Clarkson game (and was pulled) and let 3 of the 4 goals in during the preseason game against Manitoba. After this lackluster start some (including myself) was wondering if Dunner still had it in him. He proved to everyone Saturday night why he should still be considered one of the best goalies in the nation. Dan Dunn ended with 38 saves on Saturday and had to play extraordinarily well during the OT where Miami outshoot the Huskies 5-0. Furthermore, the only player able to get past Dunn was Carter Camper, who has six goals and nine points in four games (tied for best in the nation). Read more about the game here:
You can read more about Dunn by reading the blog post, "Checking in with Dan Dunn"

I can see why Coach Motzko is doing his rotating goalie thing. I mean last weekend I would have said Mike Lee should be SCSU's starting goalie and now this weekend I would give the job to Dan Dunn. I hope both of these talented goalies continue to push each other and that competitiveness only makes them (and our team) stronger.

Below are a couple of post-game interviews:

The Huskies have had an extraordinary slide in the INCH power rankings this week. SCSU was #6 last week and has now fallen 13 places to #19. I think dropping St. Cloud 13 places after this weekend was excessive. Miami (who was ranked #3) were not able to sweep St. Cloud (at #6) and still the Huskies suffered a 13 place slide in the polls? St. Cloud has one bad game (Friday night) arguably one bad period (Friday, 2nd period) and they drop 13 spots. Yikes! However, it is still very early in the season and maybe this will only motivate them more for next weekend (like they need motivation against the Gophers).

Go Huskies!

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