Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don't Worry...The Hunt is On!

With much being said of the budget crisis at SCSU and the soon coming athletic cuts, some of you Husky faithful may have worried if St. Cloud State would be able to afford to replace former assistant coach Eric Rud. However, it has recently been confirmed by the University that SCSU President Earl Potter III has given the approval for St. Cloud State to fill the vacant assistant coach position. It is expected that much of the paperwork will be completed sometime within the week and that Coach Bob Motzko will soon be making progress on hiring a new assistant. According to Coach Motzko there has been no shortage of people interested in the position and he was reciving phone calls and e-mails even before Rud had been hired by the Green Bay Gamblers. With the Huskies likely to be (at the very least) one of the top 3 teams in the WCHA and (at the very least) a top 5 team in the nation, it is likely that Motzko will have a long line of highly qualified coaches fighting for this position. Husky Hockey Time will try to stay on top of any progress that is being made in filling the assistant coach position. GO HUSKIES!

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