Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Sweaters

 I previously reported that the SCSU men's hockey team will be wearing new hockey sweaters (jerseys) for the 2010-2011 season. I have been anxiously waiting to see what they look like for myself. Thanks to the KVSC hockey twitter page the wait is over. You can see the new white and red sweaters in these pictures below. Apperently, there is also a plan to have a third black jersey (have not see that one yet). In my own opinion, I really like the new home white sweaters and was thrilled to see the return of the center STC logo. However, I preferred last years red sweaters with the "St. Cloud State" script. I think the large center STC logo would have looked great on these new red jerseys. What do you think of the new sweaters? You can also see the first St. Cloud Hockey video of the season below:


  1. Don't like them, too much of a rip off of MTL.. Like the old we ones better,,

  2. they are actually a rip off of the blackhawks not the canadiens....but they are 100 TIMES BETTER than last years jerseys

  3. The jerseys center "STC" logo is based on the Montreal Canadians "CH" logo. The jerseys design is based off the Chicago Blackhawks. The Candaians and Blackhawks have basically the most recognized and respected jerseys in the NHL (Red Wings are pretty high up there too). I consider imitation as the sincerest form of flattery. Both the Blackhawks and the Canadians deserve the flattery because of the history they have. Personally, I think that it is awesome that SCSU chooses one of the most recognizable symbols in hockey to choose as our school (not just hockey) symbol. It shows SCSU's dedication to hockey.


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