Monday, September 27, 2010

Stick Tap

I, as well as many other bloggers, have been posting preseason predictions for the WCHA leading up to the oncoming media and coach polls. One of the best places that I have been reading about preseason predictions is over at the blog Goon's World (UND). I really enjoy reading this blog because, despite the authors frequent disdain for everything Husky hockey (and sometimes I have to stop reading it for awhile), he does seem to have a great eye on all things hockey. Goon recently published his final preseason posting about what he believes to be the top 3 teams in the WCHA: UND, SCSU, and UMD.

His post does have some inaccuracies. For instance, he names Ravndalen as one of our new players (he is a recruit, but not starting this year). He also misses some "key recruits" in Nic Dowd, Nick Jensen, and Cam Reid. However, overall he does a good job and offers some good analysis.

Some key quotes:
"The Huskies are a scary team."
"This team SHOULD be very very good. They have a lot of talent and scoring up front."
"...on paper, the Huskies will be tight on North Dakota's heels most (if not all) of the season."
 "Predicted Finish: 2nd...barely"
Please don't just read these quotes, but also go and read the full posting in context here.

Also, read Goon's other analysis of the rest of the WCHA:
Now I still attest that St. Cloud State should be in the number one position and UND in the number two position. However, I can not really argue with much of his logic and I think all WCHA fans should check out Goon's previews for the season. Both UND and SCSU should have great years and both will be highly competitive and talented teams in the WCHA and in the nation. 

Coming soon....the WCHA coaches and media polls (basically what do the "experts" think).


  1. That Redwing77 that did the poll, I will be doing one for the WCHA or breaking down my picks in the next couple of weeks.

  2. My apologies Goon and Redwing77. Redwing77 you did an excellent job on your analysis of each of the WCHA teams and Goon I look forward to reading your picks in the future.


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