Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Former Stampede Player Prosser Stands Out at Prospects Tourney

If you have not been following the Traverse City Prospects Tournament, the Wild prospects have been doing a phenomenal job. In day one of the tournament, the Wild prospects beat the Hurricanes prospects 2-1. In day two of the tournament, the Wild prospects dominated the Blue Jackets prospects 5-1. And finally, in day three of the tournament, the Wild prospects beat the Rangers prospects 5-4. Tonight, the Wild prospects will play the Red Wing prospects in the championship game.

After each game, Wild Assistant GM Brent Flahr has named his 3 stars of the game. His stars are as followed:

Game 1: Hackett, Wellman, and Palmer
Game 2: Wellman, Kuemper, and Prosser
Game 3: Palmer, Prosser, and Cuma

What to take away from this? Well looking at the names of players that appear more than once, we see Wellman, Palmer, and Prosser. This leads me to the conclusion that these players are likely the best prospects that Minnesota has. The one I am most excited to see: Nate Prosser!

Nate Prosser played for the Sioux Falls Stampede from 2003-2006 (and CC from '06-'10) and once served as our team captain. Prosser's excellent performance at this tournament could do nothing but increase his chances of playing for the MN Wild at some point this season. It would be GREAT to have both a former Husky (Matt Cullen) and a former Stampede player (Nate Prosser) on the roster this year. You can read an earlier post of mine about Prosser and his acceptance to the Wild here.

Great Job Prosser! Glad to see another Sioux Falls Stampede player making news in the NHL.


  1. is the "and CC..." text tiny for a reason?

  2. @ Anonymous- Sorry if I offended you. I meant no disrespect to Prosser or Colorado College. This blog site is dedicated to St. Cloud State hockey, Sioux Falls Stampede hockey, and the MN Wild. As such, I mentioned Prosser because of his SF Stampede history and future with the MN Wild. However, I thought I should also give CC some recognition without losing sight on the focus of this blog. I didn't think anyone would be offended by this, however I will go ahead and make it the same text size. Thank you for reading.


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