Monday, September 27, 2010

SCSU #6 in USA Today Poll

The USA Today/ USA Hockey poll just came out. St. Cloud State is sitting at #6 in the nation right now. Personally, I think they at least deserve to be ahead of Yale at #5 (most likely higher than that). You can see the full poll below:
  1. Boston College
  2. North Dakota
  3. Miami
  4. Michigan
  5. Yale 
  6. St. Cloud
  7. Maine
  8. New Hampshire
  9. Minnesota Duluth
  10. Cornell
  11. Denver
  12. Alaska
  13. Wisconsin
  14. Boston University
  15. Minnesota
However, I still consider #6 to be a great spot to be in. In case you were wondering SCSU has a history of finishing above expectations. (Last year USA Today placed SCSU at #13 and they ended up at #5).

What do you think of the poll? Should SCSU be placed higher? Will St. Cloud go above and beyond expectations yet again?

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