Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Husky Hockey News

Here are a few links and items going on in the Husky Hockey World that I have not been able to post about yet:
  • Former Husky defensemen Jeff Finger was recently discussed in the Toronto Star about his predicament with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Unfortunately, Finger has not been playing up to expectations and if he does not deliver during training camp may be forced down to Toronto's AHL minor league team. No doubt that Finger will be doing his best to make it on the team this year despite the difficult road that lies ahead of him.
  • Husky goaltender Mike Lee was recently featured on USHL.com for his work with the Fargo Force and how it prepared him to take the next steps. The article also talks with Lee about his time with Team USA in World Juniors last year and about his transition to St. Cloud State. Mike Lee was the first American goaltender selected in the NHL 2009 draft (by the Phoenix Coyotes) and talks about his time in development camp. You can read a previous post of mine about Mike Lee in Phoenix here.
  • KVSC reported last week about rumors that the Men's Husky Hockey team would be getting new jerseys this year. Yesterday, KVSC reported seeing the new jerseys by tweeting, "Seeing the new red SCSU Men's Hockey jerseys-not a fan. Similar look to Chicago's home jersey but just not nearly as nice as old ones." I have not yet seen the new jerseys so I will hold out my judgment until then. I am really looking forward to seeing them and if any of you Husky Fans out there find a picture, please let me know about it.
Go Huskies!


  1. Did you notice Matt Hendricks recorded a hat trick last night for the Washington Capitals playing on a line with Andrew Gordon? Tyler Arnason is also a pre-season invitee with the Florida Panthers after spending last year at Riga.

  2. No I hadn't seen that yet. I will have to look more in to it. Thank you for the great info and for sharing it with us. I sure hope Arnason can make it back in the NHL.


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