Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goin' to Camp pt. 3

Found a few more items of SCSU players at their Prospect Development Camps over the summer.

SCSU forward Travis Novak (left) was recently photographed alongside former Wisconsin Badger Brendan Smith (right) while laughing it up at the Detroit Red Wings Prospect Camp. Novak participated in the camp as a free agent camp invitee. Travis Novak impressed SCSU hockey fans last season with his speed and ability to score shorthanded goals. Novak also was the first to score in the Huskies historic NCAA West Regional Semifinal win against Northern Michigan. See video below:

SCSU defensive player Oliver Lauridsen (aka "The Great Dane") was recently singled out as one of the best defensive standout players at the Philadelphia Flyers Prospect Development Camp. The website mentions things like Oliver's size, big hits, smooth skating, blocking, and positioning as some of his best qualities. Here is a video Husky Productions put together about Lauridsen:

I already have an updated list of SCSU players at Prospect Development Camp:
  • Mike Lee (Pheonix; see previous post)
  • Nick Oslund (Detroit; see previous post)
  • Nick Jensen (Detroit; see previous post)
  • Garrett Roe (Los Angeles)
  • Oliver Lauridsen (Philadelphia)
  • Dan Dunn (Washington)
  • Nick Oliver (Nashville)
  • Nic Dowd (Los Angeles)
  • Kevin Gravel (Los Angeles)
  • Travis Novak (Detroit)
  • Drew LeBlanc (Chicago)
  • Ben Hanowski (Penguins; see previous post)
  • Aaron Marvin (Calgary; see previous post)
(*Please let me know if this list needs editing. I think I got everyone this time.)


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