Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marvin Named Captain!

Aaron Marvin has been named captain of the SCSU hockey team for the 2010-2011 season. Marvin (a Calgary Flames prospect) was an alternate team captain for the 2009-2010 season and will be playing in his senior year this season. During Marvin's career at SCSU he has notched 18 goals and 38 assists and has earned All-WCHA Academic honors in 2009 and 2010. Additionally, during his freshmen year at St. Cloud, Marvin earned the William Radovich Award as SCSU's Most Improved Player. Aaron Marvin kind of got a bad image in some parts of the WCHA (namely UND) for a couple of questionable hits on Chay Genoway (UND) and Blake Geoffrion (UW) last season and I am curious what the Fighting Sioux reaction will be to Marvin being named captain. However, I am certain that Marvin will serve as an excellent team leader this year and may very well captain SCSU to its first ever Frozen Four appearance (and hopefully championship).

*Earlier this summer I wrote about his time at the Flames prospect camp which you can see here.

Senior Garrett Roe (a Los Angeles Kings prospect) will serve as one of the alternate captains this season. Roe has already had a massively successful career at SCSU. Roe earned 45 points in his first season with the Huskies and earned 48 points the next season as a sophomore. Last year, as a junior, Roe tied Ryan Lasch for most points on the team with 49 points (20 goals and 29 assists). Garrett already ranks 5th in the team records with 142 career points and 87 career assists. Having not scored less than 45 points in his 3 years as a Husky, it is reasonable to believe that he will score at least 42 points this season to become SCSU's all time leading point producer. In 2009 and 2010 Roe earned All-WCHA Third Team honors. He also gained All-WCHA Second Team and All-WCHA Rookie team notice in 2008. During last years team awards, Roe was awarded the Frank Brimsek Award for Most Valuable Player. Garrett Roe has been named by Inside College Hockey as one of the players to watch in the 2010-2011 season.

Senior Chris Hepp will be serving this year as the other alternate team captain. Hepp, a transfer from the Air Force Academy, has two goals and eight assists during his career at SCSU since joining the team in 2008. Chris Hepp has also been recognized for earning All-WCHA Academic and WCHA Scholar-Athlete notice during his junior season.

Quote from Coach Bob Motzko:
"One of the big turnovers on our team this season was the loss of a great three-year captain Garrett Raboin. Garrett was an outstanding leader for our team, but I am very confident in turning over the captain's duties to these three guys."
I too am confident in these three guys as our captains and am looking forward to a great year. Go Huskies!


  1. It's not just UND & UW - everyone knows this guy is a hack. Shameful...

  2. I would venture to guess a portion of Sioux fans (including myself) already speculated that Marvin would be the captain. Therefore, I'm not surprised. He was the only returning alternate captain. Not hard to fill in the blanks there. Oh, if this comes across as me being a smart ass, I apologize. I tend to sound that way sometimes. :)

  3. If there was a "hack hall of fame" Marvin would be behind at least 25 former UND players. A UND fan calling someone a hack would be like the elephant man calling you ugly.

  4. @ Anonymous- I assume you are a fan of UND. The Fighting Sioux were more upset at the hit on Geoffrion than the Badger fans. In fact, according to Geoffrion:

    "I know him (Marvin), I played with him at the festivals growing up, he’s a good kid. I know he didn’t mean to hit me on purpose; it’s just hockey. Like coach usually refers to, it’s a physical game and it just happened to hit my head.”

    According to Coach Mike Eves:

    "In the old days, they would've said he (Geoffrion) got caught with his head down. There was no elbow. He ran right into his shoulder pad."

    Marvin is not a "hack" he was just playing hockey just like the Sioux’s Corban Knight was when he hit Duluth’s Mike Connolly last season.

    But congrats on being the first of the Sioux faithful to call Marvin a name (generally either a hack or a goon). Only 50 minutes from the time I published to the time you called Marvin a hack.

  5. @ Sarah- Yeah...it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Marvin would serve as captain of the Huskies this year. I just had a good feeling that some (not all) Sioux fans would be upset and would begin calling Marvin absurd names (see Mr. Anonymous above posting that Marvin is a "hack").

    @1st_Wing- Agreed!

  6. Well Jeremy I'm not a Sioux fan. You know what happens when you assume! But congrats on being a complete tool shed...

  7. @ Anonymous- Please except my sincere apologies for my assumption that you are a Sioux fan and thank you from refraining from swearing. My I ask which team you are affiliated with?

    Despite my egregious error with Mr. Anonymous, I stick by my points that UND was by far the team shouting foul (and various obscenities) at Marvin far greater than any other team (including UW) in the WCHA. Not that I completely blame them as the hit to Genoway was bad and he is a very good hockey player, but time it is time to let go. I also stick by my assertion that Marvin was not, and is not, a goon, hack, or any other ridiculous name.

  8. I used to be an avid Clarkson fan when I was growing up in. Now I live near Chicago. I try to make it to a few Chicago Steel games a year but it’s hard because I go to night school in Manteno…

    Also – Marvin is a goon. In fact he is going to wear a “G” instead of a “C” this year. The alternates will wear “H” for hack. If they’re lucky – maybe one day – they can aspire to Marvin’s level of foolishness.

  9. It is time to let it go except, it's kind of hard to let it go for Chay Genoway since he hasn't even been officially cleared to play yet and the guy who cheapshots him is glorified by being given a team leader position. I am not saying hating Marvin and calling him names is the right thing to do here but if you are Chay or you care about Chay like Sioux fans do, it is a bit hard to swallow. I hope all of the SCSU fans can understand that.

    Marvin himself should be fine with handling a little name calling and booing versus being in Chay's shoes. If name calling and a one game suspension are his ultimate penalties for that terrible hit then I think he should take it and run. And I will give credit where credit is due, he has been a man and taken everything that has come his way without much if any whining or complaining.

    If I was an SCSU fan I would quit lecturing Sioux fans about moving on and move on myself. Devote your focus to supporting Marvin by cheering for him at games and applauding his standup behavior after the fallout of the Chay hit. I think he would appreciate that more than verbal sparring with Sioux fans. Eventually Sioux fans will shut about it too because they have no one to argue with about it.

    By the way the Geofferion hit was nowhere near as bad as the Genoway hit. If you want to build the argument that Marvin is not a "hack" and that UND fans are over-reacting, pointing out how Wisco was not nearly as mad about a hit that was about 10% as dirty as the Genoway hit is not the way to do it.

    -Random Fan

  10. @ Anonymous #2 (aka Random Fan)- I completely understand the Sioux's position and I would definitly find it difficult to "move on" if a member of SCSU's team was seriously injured last year. With that said, I would not be going to UND websites a year later and calling Sioux players goons or hacks.

    I agree that Marvin has handled himself very well during this time of trial and believe that speaks much to his character.

    If you look to the ACTUAL blog post (not at these comments) it is clear that my intention and the intention of this blog post was to celebrate our 3 new captains and their accomplishments at SCSU. It was NOT my intention to stir up a verbal sparing match. Perhaps I would have been better served by not mentioning anything about the Marvin hits. I find it somewhat disappointing that this post celebrating these Huskies accomplishments has turned into a forum for arguing about Marvin's hits last season. However, I continue to want to support this blogging community which means allowing (to some extent) a free exchange of ideas and opinions.

    I agree that the Geoffrion hit was not as severe as the Genoway hit. It was probably not an appropriate reference...sorry.

    Thank you Random Fan for you thoughts and opinions and for the civilized way that you presented them.

  11. The only thing that I have to say about Aaron Marvin is that I would LOVE to see him beat the crap out of Lamoureux all 5'3" of him. My fifteen year old would have given Lamoureux a run for his money. I guess you can act tough when you know that the refs are there to break it up...

    It was a cheap hit on Genoway, nobody disagrees about it, but for UND fans to call Marvin a hack is like the pot calling the kettle black... Every team has a player who will take that cheap hit when they get a chance. EVERY TEAM.... Time to move on...


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