Friday, August 20, 2010

Video Rewind Pt. 1: The Preseason

For the next couple of days (or weeks) I will be showing some of the best Husky Hockey YouTube videos from last year as a part of my 2009-2010 year in review. Most of these videos will come from either Husky Mag Productions or the SCSU Athletics YouTube channels. I was especially impressed with Husky Mag's videos. These YouTube videos were definitely a treat for those of us outside the MN area who seldom get to see the Husky's play.

Video 1: "The Second Coming"

Video 2: Union College @ SCSU

Video 3: Mike Lee- Post Game Interview- First Collegiate Win

Up Next for Video Rewind: "Video Rewind pt. 2: WCHA Opponents-The First Half"

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