Saturday, August 21, 2010

SCSU Football in Danger

Earlier this week it was announced that SCSU Football could be cut for next season. The reason for this is because the 2012 fiscal year (begins July 2011) needs to cut about $500,000. To solve these budgetary woes, SCSU has three main proposals:
  1. Eliminate only football
  2. Eliminate football and 3 other sports
  3. Keep football, and get rid of 8 other sports
During these budget discussions, SCSU has asked the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC) if it is possible to remain in the conference, even if the school no longer has a football program. As it is currently, football is one of the sports required for schools to have to play in the NSIC conference. SCSU President Earl H. Potter III has said getting permission from the NSIC to cut their football program will not necessarily mean that the football program will be cut. Here is a couple other quotes from Potter:
"Everything's on the table. Anything is possible. I can't, at this point, say that (any program) is safe."
Does that mean hockey is not safe at SCSU?
"The hierarchy of sports on this campus in terms of revenue generation -- hockey is at the top and football is a subsidized program."
At SCSU hockey is king. Period. It will not be in danger of being one of the sports cut at SCSU because of all the sports at St. is the only one that actually makes money. The only immediate concern I had for the hockey program was the $30 million additions to the National Hockey Center. However, I am assuming that those additions are not at risk because the additions are being paid for by the state of Minnesota, private money, sponsorships, and naming rights. Also, within the last week I read that the NHC additions continues on schedule with subcontractor bids due in September and Phase 1 of construction to start in March (2011).

With all this being said, I do hope that St. Cloud continues its football program. With the exception of hockey, it is the next best sporting event to attend and the new Husky Football Stadium is a fun place to spend a Friday night (before hockey season begins).

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  1. Another good post:

    Again, SCSU AD Dr. Morris Kurtz says 19 out of 20 SCSU sports don't make money. The only one that operates in the black...SCSU Hockey.


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