Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The National Hockey Center becomes a National Star

True story: One day last spring a middle school student of mine (in Memphis, TN) came to me and said, "Mr. Larson I saw your St. Cloud hockey rink in a commercial last night!" to which I replied to my adolescent student, "There is no way that you saw the National Hockey Center in a commercial last night." He told me to Google St. Cloud and tempurpedic and sure enough I got a video on YouTube of St. Cloud being featured in a bed commercial for a Tempur Cloud bed. I immediately sent the video link to my wife. I have since seen the commercial multiple times here in Memphis (most notably on Versus during the Stanley Cup playoffs) and according to the comments on the video's YouTube page, people have seen it everywhere from California, to Washington D.C., and all the way to the Bahamas. Tempuer-Pedic spent over 2 weeks in St. Cloud filming the 60-second commercial that features numerous St. Cloud landmarks, businesses, residents, and, of course, the National Hockey Center- home of the St. Cloud State Husky hockey team. See the commercial below.

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